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Monthly Archives : July 2016

Runner with Fervor

Be a Runner with Fervor

You’ve been to the games and you’ve seen the parents with the full matching tracksuit, veeboknikesics sneakers and the horrendous fluro fifo vest with the word ‘Runner’ on it. You scoffed, watching the poor victims having to run like halflings across the field to pass on instructions from the coach. Yes and how you chortled ‘sucker, that job blows as much as the…

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Should you Umpire with Gusto (UWG)? Hell yes!

The role of a footy parent is unforgiving at best and soul destroying at worst. Okay slight exaggeration there but at 7am, pissing rain with a hangover to boot it can sometimes feel like that! The only thing that can ice that little morning sweet cake of joy, is knowing that you are rostered on as goal umpire. As the…

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Row Q

I remember the day vividly when I asked my mate Phil if he wanted to become a member of West Coast. This was when you could walk into Subiaco oval for any game on game day and get a seat or a spot on the grass. So I’m just about to call up membership services when Phil hands me a sheet of…

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Game Day Etiquette (GDE)

There are some unwritten rules used by match day fans of aussie rules. For instance, when a player is lining up for a shot on goal is not the time to try and shuffle back to your seat holding 4 cups of beer. Or just because your girlfriend bought you an inflatable supporters finger does not mean its sole purpose is to tap…

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Ten rows back

Billy P. is my name and footy is my game. The views described herein are one mans observations of Australian Rules Football. Many of these views are obscure, bent and somewhat twisted, I hope you enjoy and if not, ‘get down in front!’.

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