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Game Day Etiquette (GDE)

There are some unwritten rules used by match day fans of aussie rules.

For instance, when a player is lining up for a shot on goal is not the time to try and shuffle back to your seat holding 4 cups of beer.

Or just because your girlfriend bought you an inflatable supporters finger does not mean its sole purpose is to tap opposition fans heads with it every time your team scores a goal.

Or just because a player on your team has very, very, pale skin does not mean you should yell out sunscreen sponsorship jokes if he’s playing poorly.

My first understanding of GDE was back in 2004 at Subiaco oval. I was sitting behind the goals and could see Chris Judd free on the outer wing. As the ball squirted out to him I stood up in anticipation and like some slow motion, Daryl Braithwayte film clip, Juddy on the burst, ran towards me and the goals.

Before I could witness Juddys shot, I heard a raspy gravely voice behind me say ‘down in front!’ At the same moment,  I felt a hand clutch the back of my jumper and drag me back into my seat with such force and vigor I thought Vin Deisel was sitting behind me. As Judd nailed the goal and the crowd erupted around me I stayed sitting until I sheepishly turned, looking up, only to see an elderly lady with a blue rinse looking every year of 90 with a smirck on her face

Through the cheering she leaned down and said ‘You can stand up now..’

At that moment the baton was passed, a form of GDE was delivered and since then I’ve watched for it.

One of the best was after Hawthorn dismantled West Coast in the 2015 Grand Final. In the whole time after leaving the game, walking through hoards of ecstatic Hawks supporters, down through the Richmond pubs and beyond, not one, not one Hawks supporter gave any of us WC supporters a jibe.

They had every reason to sink the boots in but they didn’t. Maybe they thought ‘why kick these guys to the curb – they’ll be in the gutter for the rest of 2015 anyway….’

GDE at its finest.

Off the fence..



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