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Row Q

Row Q

I remember the day vividly when I asked my mate Phil if he wanted to become a member of West Coast. This was when you could walk into Subiaco oval for any game on game day and get a seat or a spot on the grass.

So I’m just about to call up membership services when Phil hands me a sheet of paper. What’s this? I ask.

Phils states, I’m only joining if we get whats on there..

I take a look:

  1. The seat has to be undercover
  2. The seating block cannot be behind the goals
  3. The seat must be next to an aisle
  4. The position must be slightly elevated for best viewing
  5. The seat must be close to exits
  6. It cannot be too far from the bar or toilets (preferably less than 20m)

You got buckleys I said, and so, rather than phone, I sent an email to WC outlining our ludicrous seating request.

Today the waiting list to get even 1 West Coast Eagles membership seat anywhere in Domain is well over a year, possibly 2 years.

I still remember the guys name – Travis – he phoned me that same afternoon confirming that he had in fact found 2 seats available and all the requests on our list had been met! Needless to say Phil was satisfied..

Our first season in the seats were killer (I hope to share some of those crazy ass stories in future posts). One of the most curious things we discovered in our first few games, was the strange ritual men would do after every quarter – no, not cheering for Karl Langdon in his gold suit…

All the guys in our section would stand up, and do a pretend ‘stretch and turn around manoeuvre’ then strangely with their backs to the oval, they would look up longingly into the stand.

What the hell was going? What are we missing I asked Phil?

It took us a few times before we could see just where these blokes were looking.

The legendary mythical illustrious seats of Row Q!

A guy in the seat next to us ‘Barry’ (will tell you Barry stories later) told us (without averting his eyes, or even blinking) that Row Q is where all the WC players girlfriends and partners sit during the game. These guys were trying to act super casual while obviously having a good perv during the quarter breaks.

There is nothing casual though when you come back with a couple of beers and look up to your Block and all you see is an entire block of seedy footy heads all staring at one row! All of them facing the same way – it’s quite embarrassing really. At least, that’s what the guys Mrs in front said to us…

I can’t speak for Phil but I for one have never felt the need to turn around and admire the ‘apparently’ mesmerising stretch of seated glamor. Row Q is literally only 2 rows from our own seats so I can easily turn my head to view without drawing any attention at all.

off the fence..





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