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Monthly Archives : August 2016

The bigger the injury, the harder the ground..

Players over the pre season work hard on their fitness, particularly their strength and focus on weight training. The push to have readymade AFL players has seen the need for AFL clubs to fast track the physical development of young and old players alike. Clubs want bigger stronger bodies to withstand the rigors of todays game. There is a byproduct to this player engineering… More ACLs…

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One Trick Ponies

Every team has them and the Club members know better than most who their One Trick Ponies are.. My question is; why then don’t opposition teams saddle up and work this out? Case in point: Dustin Martin Without fail, whenever Dusty gets the ball, he tries the big one arm fend off to try and break the tackle. Surely when…

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Juddy to coach West Coast mids?

The fall from being bridesmaids at the Big Dance to barely hanging onto 6th position this year has me wondering, what has changed for this club in less than a year? Technically they have a stronger side on paper this year than last, with the return of key position backs like Brown and McKenzie. Sure, they traded Sinclair for Jetta…

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