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One Trick Ponies

Every team has them and the Club members know better than most who their One Trick Ponies are..

My question is; why then don’t opposition teams saddle up and work this out?

Case in point: Dustin Martin

Without fail, whenever Dusty gets the ball, he tries the big one arm fend off to try and break the tackle. Surely when preparing for a game against the Tigers, coaches would make this point very clear and engineer a tactic to nullify this predictable move.

What, are they afraid they might get a chopstick to the eye?

Another one. When Buddy Franklin is kicking for goal the opposition should always have one man on the mark and another as close as possible out to his immediate left. This eliminates his usual arc when kicking for goal, forcing him to kick straighter with less power.

Aaron Sandilands will nearly always handball backwards if he is in the centre square and takes possession. If he is forced to kick, a smother is on the cards due to the time it takes for the ball to drop from the upper atmosphere down to ground level..

Zac Dawson, the full back from Fremantle is a dog of a kick, so what do you do? You stay off him and go man on man and force him to kick the bloody thing, most likely resulting in a turn over.

Now that he is getting old and slow, Sam Mitchell will always drop a knee into the oppositions’ best player if he gets a chance..

Coach Pigskin used to say before every game, the first thing you do when you man up on field and start playing, is work out if your opponent is left or right footed. 50% of your battle is worked out right then.

If AFL coaches scrutinise the game as much as fans do you, would think these One Trick Ponies would be exposed as the cart horse nags they really are..

Off the fence..
B. Pigskin

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